Strategy & Planning

Not sure how to turn your research into results? Plan for the future effectively with a 360 degree view of your school’s brand positioning and marketing.

Informed by insights gained from your chosen research modules, we provide your school with a comprehensive strategy, which will ensure that you are able to plan for the future effectively and beneficially.

Why choose strategy & planning?

Strategy & planning is advantageous if your school:

  • is inexplicably losing market share
  • lacks key differentiators
  • gets lost in the crowd of competitors

Or, if you are in need of:

  • an objective and comprehensive understanding of how your school is viewed by its stakeholders
  • an idea of how your school is perceived among competition
  • a plan of action for future success

How does the process work?

Firstly, we will answer all your key marketing questions and then identify the best opportunities for growth and sustainability within your school. We will then use this to revive your strategy and refresh how your school’s brand is communicated.

At each stage, we will build and achieve consensus to determine your vision. Then we will progress to workshop stages, where we put your plans into action.

The workshop stages cover:

  • Familiarisation: we get to know your history, heritage, background, current marketing strategies
  • Research & Insight: we look into consumer, competitor, internal and sector insights
  • Analysis: we identify key components and differentiating factors which provide your best market potential
  • Hypotheses: we develop Brand Proposition and the reasons for parents to believe in it
  • Strategy: we create a brand position and then discuss how to implement it
  • Branding & Design: we devise how your strategy is communicated and adjust your current marketing plan
  • Planning: we decide how changes are rolled out and who will do it