Strategy & Planning

School brand audit takes a 360 degree view of your school’s brand positioning and marketing, making it the perfect tool for informing and writing brand strategy and marketing planning.

Each of the research modules we offer on the previous page is effectively commissioned in isolation and each concludes with a detailed action plan.

However, conducting a group of selected relevant research modules consecutively and analysing their results and action plans is the basis of a full School Brand Audit. It answers all the key marketing questions for your school, identifies the best opportunities for growth and sustainability and directs strategy and brand communication.

Why commission a Brand Audit?

School Brand Audit will give you the answers you are seeking if:

  • Your school is inexplicably losing market share
  • Your school is suffering from being a ‘bland brand’ with no key differentiators
  • You are a new Head requiring an objective and comprehensive understanding of how your new school is viewed by all its stakeholders, where it is perceived to be placed versus the competition and what is the best plan of action for future success.

How the process works

The process builds and achieves consensus at each stage before moving on. The workshop stages will cover the following:

  • Familiarisation: history, heritage, background, current marketing strategy and planning, current school roll etc
  • Research and Insight: As shown in the diagram above covering consumer, competitor, internal and sector
  • Analysis: drawing out the key components and differentiating factors that provide the best market potential for your school
  • Hypotheses: developing The Brand Proposition and the reasons for parents to believe in it
  • Strategy: How the brand position can be implemented and why
  • Brand communication: How the strategy will be communicated and What needs to change from your current marketing activity
  • Planning: how this changes can be rolled out and who will do this

The benefits/outcomes

  • An Action Plan which is easy to implement and can be presented to Governors/SLT