“I found the strategy meetings were probably the most positive, affirming and useful aspects…  The exercise of being forced to review something one knows so well enabled us all to approach this both creatively and collaboratively.”

Felicity Blake – King’s Ely

BRAND STRATEGY AND PLANNING WORKSHOP For Marketing or Development departments

This is a fast-paced half or one-day workshop for debating and deciding the actions for specific areas of marketing/ brand development.

These could be as diverse as Open Day planning, Yr 11 retention, 6th Form marketing or planning for Development

Conducted on a one-to-one basis or in a team, we lead discussion through all the key topics with objectivity and sector experience to arrive at consensus and next steps for implementation. Then we provide and Action Plan that formalises the decisions made in the workshop.


Social Media for Schools

Everything you need to overcome your reservations, lead and manage a social media marketing strategy in your school. We design each workshop to fit your needs and this may be a one to one training session or team strategy workshop.

We can include the following:

  • Your marketing objectives
  • An introduction to each of the main social platforms
  • How each would benefit your school and which to choose
  • Guidelines for creating your own digital strategy to match your school’s marketing objectives
  • Instruction and training to manage and implement the strategy on a day to day basis with forward planning and regular management and mentoring
  • Using data to measure ROI


Using Google analytics, geo data and insights we investigate new markets and make recommendations for how you could tap into these. The workshop provides the forum for delivering the research results, discussing implementation and writing the Action Plan