How it works - strategy

Marketing strategy provides the fundamental link between insight and brand communication.

It provides the structure and objectives against which you can measure success; a road map with direction, appropriate speed and destination.

Using analysis from insight and market intelligence (either following research we have done for you, or using a recent report that already exists), we identify your goals then agree the optimum market positioning, selecting the appropriate communications channels, content and timing for reaching your target audience.

To guide your marketing strategy, we offer;

  • A complete School Brand Audit including research, strategy and planning in one package
  • Individual Brand Planning Workshops for specific topics, either on a one-to-one or team basis
  • Digital/Social Media Audit, Strategy and Planning
  • New Markets Audit, Strategy and Planning
  • And if you don’t see what we need in this list please contact us, to talk about your specific challenge.

“Our time together was extremely well spent, largely because you are very good indeed at eliciting reactions from us that go to build up a picture of where we are and where we wish to go…”
Gordon Parry – Scala (School Chaplains and Leaders Association)

“It is…crucial to ensure that you as a school community have a very clear idea of where you are, where you want to be and what your vision is.”
Felicity Blake – King’s Ely