SBA is our tool for informing brand strategy and marketing planning.

School Brand Audit

“As Marketing Governor, I commissioned a School Brand Audit for Woldingham School and was so impressed with Reed’s process and results, I joined the company.”
Katie Cardona

This is a complete brand strategy package that answers all the key marketing questions for your school and identifies the best opportunities for growth and sustainability.

School Brand Audit

It comprehensively pursues, examines and analyses:

  • Stakeholder, sector and opinion former insights
  • Market positioning and your competitors
  • Local and global, social and economic influencing factors

School Brand Audit will give you all the answers if:

  • Your school is inexplicably losing market share
  • Your school is suffering from being a ‘bland brand’ with no key differentiators
  • You are a new Head wanting to get an objective and comprehensive understanding of how your new school is viewed by all its stakeholders, where it is perceived to be placed versus the competition and what is the best plan of action for future success.

Each Audit is tailored exclusively to your school and delivers an easy to implement Action Plan that can then be presented to Governors/SLT.