There are many occasions when you would like to canvass the views of one or many of your stakeholder groups; governors, management teams, other teachers, students, parents and alumni. Depending on purpose, this can be done in the form of relaxed, sociable discussion groups or as individual interviews for confidential and in-depth opinion gathering.

Either can be used for a discrete project to investigate an isolated issue or grouped together as part of a Brand Audit (see that page for more detail).

Provides insights about

  • Whether you are providing the complete experience your stakeholders expect.

Tailored to your school:

  • A bespoke questionnaire/topic guide addressing your particular needs
  • Interviewing or group moderation depending on format
  • A location for the discussion group if not held at school
  • A report containing objective insights set into the context of our wider sector knowledge
  • A workshop-style debrief with you and your team
  • An Action Plan of suggestions to enable you to move quickly on any changes and devolve the information to relevant staff

Especially useful for:

  • Talking to all age groups
  • Bringing groups of stakeholders together for discussion and debate in a convivial yet confidential and focussed setting
  • Addressing particular problems and eliciting possible solutions

Recommended Timing:

Whenever required