How it works - Research

iStock_000028683050Medium_200px_sqWe believe that research is the torch that lights the way for strategy and a succesful, full school.

We have designed a number of qualitative research modules specifically for schools that dovetail directly into marketing strategy and planning.

Each module starts with a familiarisation meeting and concludes with a useful workshop-style debriefing session where you and your team can discuss the findings with us and consider our recommendations. We always include an easy-to-implement action plan and can provide independent 3rd party leadership presenting the insights to other stakeholder groups such as your SLT and Board of Governors if required.

Our wealth of schools marketing knowledge enables us to analyse and benchmark the insights we gather for you against current sector standards and place them into the wider market perspective, while our strong sense of foresight inspires informed recommendations for both marketing and business development.

Our modules cover all the key areas of schools’ marketing research, but if you have a particular quest that falls outside the scope of these we welcome the chance to create a bespoke process/questionnaire that will answer your needs.

You’ve done a brilliant job and we are very happy with the findings that you have presented to us. We have much to consider and work on! … I wanted to say how pleased we are and appreciative of your professional and sensitive approach.

Kerry Bertram – Marist Schools