non-joiners2Examines every aspect of your Admissions Customer Journey through the experience of families who have been offered a place at your school but have subsequently chosen another, obtaining valuable and objective insights into how prospective parents and children view your school ‘from the outside-in’.

We visit your Open Event as Mystery Shoppers ourselves, then personally interview families by telephone, taking them back through each stage of their Admissions customer journey to discover at what point and why they thought ‘No, this is not the school for us’. And in turn, why they chose the school they did.

Insights about:

  • How successful all aspects of your customer journey are
  • How their current schools – your feeders – relate to you
  • The differences they perceive between you and your competitors

Tailored to your school:

  • A bespoked questionnaire/topic guide addressing your particular needs
  • Experienced  and sensitive interviewing with sector knowledge/ability to explore relevant issues using experience from our mystery shop
  • A report containing objective insights set into the context of our wider sector knowledge
  • A workshop-style debrief with you and your team
  • An Action Plan of suggestions to enable you to move quickly on any changes and devolve the information to relevant staff

Especially useful for:

  • Brand positioning, strategy and planning
  • Unexplained drop in acceptances
  • Uncovering any changes in your competitive set and explaining their effects
  • Building/repairing relationships with feeders schools

Recommended Timing:

  • Start thinking about this at the time of your main Open Events: Sept/Oct so that we can attend these as a mystery shop. The telephone interviews then take place between March and June
  • Repeat on an annual basis

NB Mystery Shopping can be commissioned separately and is detailed on its own page.