Research among our client schools has revealed that for most marketing departments the mapping data they value most and are able to put to good use is:

  • Drive times/catchment areas from school
  • Potential target families in catchment areas by income/property value/age of children
  • Percentage of potential families in each catchment area that are already at the school
  • The competition in each catchment area

We provide this vital data without frills via CACI and our work with students and staff at Leeds University, world thought leaders in this area of research.

Provides Insights about:

  • Your current percentage of market share
  • Target areas for potential new families

Tailored to your school:

  • Maps addressing your school
  • A report containing objective insights set into the context of our wider sector knowledge
  • A workshop-style debrief with you and your team
  • An Action Plan of suggestions to enable you to move quickly on any changes and devolve the information to relevant staff

Especially useful for:

  • Targeting traditional offline promotional spend
  • Planning school transport and preparing a case for new routes

Recommended Timing:

At all/any time of the school year, especially when writing the budget