JoinersFind out the key reasons why families choose your school and then track how you are meeting their expectations during the course of their child’s whole school career.

This research takes a cross section of new families and then tracks their opinions from the moment they say ‘yes’ to the day they leave, enabling you to build a close relationship with them and gain in-depth insight into how well they feel the school is providing for them.

We talk to families in focus groups and/or by telephone at the 3 important stages: soon after acceptance, at 5th term when they have settled in and the honeymoon period is over, and during the last term before they leave. For Senior Schools we add an extra phase at the start of Year 11 to find out their views on staying on for Sixth Form. You can commission us at each of these stages as separate projects or more usefully as a complete package.

Insights about:

  • Whether you are providing the educational experience these families expect
  • What is working and what isn’t, giving you the opportunity to fix it.
  • Comparisons between your school and the schools their friends’ children are at – your competitors.

Tailored to your school:

  • Interview guides to cover your specific areas of interest at each stage
  • Reports containing objective insights set into the context of our wider sector knowledge
  • Workshop-style debriefing sessions with you and your team
  • An Action Plan of suggestions to enable you to move quickly on any changes and devolve the information to relevant staff

Especially useful for:

  • Monitoring overall performance on an on-going basis (the all-important, below-the-radar aspects as opposed to the published academic results)
  • Addressing parents’ niggles before they become bigger issues
  • Obtaining knowledge of what your competitors are doing


  • Summer term of the joining year
  • During their 5th Term
  • At the start of Year 11
  • Spring Term in Year 13