Telephone interviews with the Heads of your feeder schools

Feeder Schools

What do the Heads of your feeder prep schools think of your senior school? Do they recommend you to their parents? What are they saying about you? Do they even know you exist?

These and many other questions are answered in our Feeder Schools Heads’ telephone interviews.

Gain insights into

  • Where feeder prep Heads position you in relation to your competitor schools
  • What type of children they recommend to your school
  • How you could improve your relationship with them
  • How other schools work successfully with them

The interviews are tailored to your school

  • We write a bespoke interview guide addressing your particular needs and queries
  • We analyse the results of all the interviews and write a report detailing what you’re doing well and what could be improved
  • We set this into the context of our wider sector knowledge
  • The report is delivered by us in a workshop-style debrief with you and your team
  • We conclude with an Action Plan of suggestions straight from the Feeder Heads

This research tool is especially useful for

Identifying any changes of perception about your school among this key group of B2B advocates and opinion formers

Recommended Timing

Any time, but especially useful in the Autumn Term when parents are seeking application advice from their Prep Heads