Research & Insight

Understanding your target market is the key to effective communication. Get to know your audience with our bespoke services.

Our research always begins with a familiarisation meeting to identify your specific requirements. These will then inform our research in understanding your target market. A workshop-style session will follow, in which we discuss our insights with you and your team.

These are our most popular specialist research and insight modules. Each module will be tailored to your school’s individual needs. If these modules don’t fit the bill, then we can design one especially for you.

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Non Joiners

In our opinion, the vital research module.
We interview families who turned down a place at your school and provide insight into 4 key areas of your school’s marketing:
• Admissions Process
• Customer Journey
• Your school’s versus your competitors
• Which schools families are choosing and why

Mystery Shop

Here, we visit your school’s open event as a prospective parent.
Our report then provides a fresh and impartial view of how your school comes across.
We can even visit your competitors’ Open Events and report on how they are doing.

Feeder Heads

Want to know what feeder Heads think about you?
We talk to them and find out:
• What they know about you
• Is it accurate and up to date?
• Whether they recommend you to their parents
• The type of pupils they recommend to you

Next Stage Heads

Do you know what next stage schools are looking for?
We interview Heads of Prep or Senior schools and find out:
• What they know about you
• Is it accurate and up to date?
• Their perceptions of your pupils
• If there is a good match between your school and theirs
• How well-prepared your pupils are for their school


Stakeholders are invaluable for informing strategy and communications:
• We interview your senior management, staff, students, parents, Governors, alumni and local opinion formers in relaxed discussion groups and gain insight on common topics
• Alternatively, they can be interviewed individually for confidential and in-depth opinion gathering


Knowing who and where your potential families are is crucial to finding your target market.
We use geodemographic insights to gain an understanding of the lifestyle choices, behaviour and attitudes of potential families.