Research & Insight

Why? Who? What? Where? How?

  • Effective research, insight and analytics produce the evidence which forms the basis of all well-informed decisions
  • Evidence provides the support and inspiration required to build strategy and reduce risk
  • Evidence is the critical element in every decision marker’s armoury

We offer a number of bespoke qualitative research modules specifically designed for schools. The findings from all these modules dovetail directly into marketing strategy and planning.

Each module starts with a familiarisation meeting so that we can tailor an investigation to your specific needs. It concludes with a useful workshop-style debriefing session where you and your team can discuss the findings with us and together we can consider our recommendations.
We always include an easy-to-implement action plan.

Our wealth of schools marketing knowledge enables us to analyse and benchmark the insights we gather for you against current sector standards and place them into the wider market perspective, while our strong sense of foresight inspires informed recommendations for both marketing and business development.

We appreciate that is just as important to tell you about the price as it is to tell you about the features and benefits of our research modules. For this reason, we have included indicative costs in the descriptions of our research modules.

We can work with all budgets and commissioning us to help you is probably not as expensive as you think it might be.  So do get in touch.

Mystery Shop

The purpose of our Mystery Shopping, or Open Day Audit as we call it, is to provide a fresh and impartial view of how your school comes across to a prospective parent, as well as casting a professional eye over its presentation and overall communication. We visit your school in the guise of a prospective parent or guardian and report back to you in detail about every aspect of our visit. We can even visit your competitors’ Open Events to report on how they are doing.

Non Joiners

Non-joiners is the research module most favoured by clients because it provides insight into three key areas of your school’s marketing: (1) your Admissions process and Customer Journey, (2) what prospective families think about your school in comparison to your competitors and (3) where families are going when they turn down a place at your school. The process is made more complete when we are able to combine it with a Mystery Shop of your open event.

Feeder Heads

Feeder Head interviews provide a key data set in your marketing toolbox. What do they think about your school? Is what they know about you accurate and up to date? Do they recommend you to their parents? What are they saying about you? What type of pupils are they recommending apply to you?
Our bespoke interview process with this crucial group provides invaluable intelligence to feed into your marketing strategy.

Next Stage Heads

For nursery and prep schools, knowing what the Heads of destination schools think about you is another key data set. Is what they know about you accurate and up to date? What do they think about the pupils coming from your school? Is there a ‘good match’ between your school and theirs? How well-prepared are your pupils academically, and otherwise, for the next stage of their schooling? Our bespoke interview process with this crucial group provides invaluable market intelligence to feed into your marketing strategy.


Stakeholders are at the heart of your school community. As your school’s best ambassadors, their views and opinions are crucial to the successful marketing of your school. Are you confident you are all singing off the same hymn sheet? Are there times when you need to know their feelings and perceptions on key issues? Senior management teams, other teachers, students, parents, Governors, alumni and local opinion-formers can be interviewed in relaxed, sociable discussion groups to gain insight on common topics, or individually when confidential and in-depth opinion gathering is required.


An effective marketing strategy is dependent on a deep, thorough knowledge of your current and potential catchment areas. We can provide key market intelligence relating to the economic attitudes and characteristics of the families living in these areas, together with data relating to travel routes, competitors and feeder schools. These insights provide a robust set of data to feed into your marketing strategy.