Reporting on Gen Z at AMDIS

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Who are Generation Z and what influences their decision making?

What are their priorities when choosing 6th forms?

What are parents’ priorities when choosing 6th forms?

Which communication channels should you use to reach them?

How can you give both decision makers the best experience?

All this and more was covered in our AMDIS breakout session on Monday 9th May at the East Midlands Conference Centre situated in the scenic grounds of Nottingham University. We were delighted that so many delegates attended the talk, demonstrating how important this topic is.

Generation Z are the post-Millenial generation born between 1995-2005, so our current target audience for Sixth Form falls directly into this category. Raised in a world of instability, they are the most socially-conscious, politically active and culturally liberal generation yet. As th e first Digital Natives, they live in a post-linear, digital world where accessible information is limitless and is not necessarily performed in a chronological timeframe. As such, education is becoming global and truly democratised: it is no longer simply the province of the elite. As a result of the necessity to traverse an increasingly overwhelming amount of superfluid information, Gen Z have the most developed cognitive process yet. If you don’t captivate them within 8 seconds, don’t bother. Inevitably, they seek relevance, authenticity and transparency.

One of the most significant finds from our research is the prevalence of the normalisation of gender assignment. We interviewed transgender pupils in the course of our investigation and in our breakout session, 20% of the group told us they had a pupil in their school undergoing this process. Empathy with this and an ongoing understanding of the issues that Gen Z face are vital for successful Sixth Form marketing. Another key topic is the idea of moving away from University as the only gateway for a successful career. We cited examples we have come across where Sixth Form students are already running their own successful businesses and investigating apprenticeships as an alternative to University.

With regards to effective communication channels, a useful insight from our research is the resurgence of print, especially among this age group “Print is definitely making a comeback. Websites can be overwhelming. It’s sometimes easier to look through the prospectus”. Surprisingly, social media is not currently among the most effective for Sixth Form marketing, apart from YouTube: the importance of video cannot be understated, but it must be authentic.

Our deep insights into Generation Z and how this will inform Sixth Form marketing were formed over the period of a year, and are ongoing as the landscapes perpetually changes.


Carolyn at AMDIS

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