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Our brief was to create an identity for the Jesuits in Britain and a brand architecture with sub brand identities to incorporate the many works and organisations associated with the mother brand.

We adapted the Jesuit sunburst and Trajan used for the Jesuit institute as a starting point and added the sub brands of Ministries, Companions and Education in Bembo. This is a particularly appropriate font as it is historically associated with the Jesuits.

Back Story

Although strictly speaking the Jesuits in Britain are not a school, education is most definitely at the heart of the Jesuits philosophy and we were introduced to the Jesuit Provinces through the work we had carried out for Fr Adrian Porter at the Jesuit Institute (see our other case study).

Despite being a global organisation it wa clear that no one was managing the Jesuit identity on a global scale. It was our brief to produce an identity and brand hierarchy that would provide flexibility and personality for the individual ‘works’ of the Jesuits.

We worked very closely with Jane Hellings to help resolve the many diverse identities in existence and to create a cohesive look for all of these. The identity is now being rolled out across all of it’s marketing communication channels.

Most recently the website has been relaunched and the identity is being used on a celebratory calendar for 2014.

You can see more of the identity in action at