• Holy Cross Marketing Material
  • Holy Cross Marketing Material
  • Holy Cross Marketing Material
  • Holy Cross Marketing Material

Reed Brand Services:

  •  School Brand Identity: School Identity System
  • Print: Prospectus folder, stationery
  • Advertising: press, recruitment ad design, Open Day Materials: flyers, posters, banners
  • Signage: Exterior
  • Exhibition: banner

This lovely Catholic girls’ prep school in New Malden is probably one of Surreys best kept secrets, though this is set to change since it was voted THE SUNDAY TIMES Prep School of the Year 2013-14. Like many schools, Holy Cross’s identity had evolved into numerous different versions over time. We refreshed and rationalised the logo maintaining the integrity of the Sacred Heart charism and created guidelines for fonts and colours to create a consistent framework for all uses.

“The best thing is that they are very good listeners, calm and respond VERY QUICKLY when the situation demands it! They also remain patient even when faced with the 8th version change!” Catherine O’Neil – Business Manager

Back Story

Developing the identity with ‘a light touch’ was beginning of the creative brief for Holy Cross.

We had carried out a Brand Workshop earlier with the previous Head and Bursar and this confirmed that the marketing strategy was relevant and successful.

However, in practical terms it was important to create consistency wherever the school identity was seen and move away from the many representations that appeared over time.

The school was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the shield contains special symbolism integral to the character of the order and indeed the school itself. So it was important to retain this in any work we did.

This was beautifully explained to us by one of the Sisters who still teaches there.

  • The cross is central to our lives – in cruce salus – in the cross is salvation.
  • Our beginnings in 1844 were difficult – the cross in our lives is never easy!
  • The three stars are the three vows that the sisters promise when they make their profession. They are poverty, chastity and obedience.
  • The three hills are the three hills of Menzingen – our place in the hills where we started and where indeed our mother house is.
  • Holy Cross Sisters are in different continents – represented by the sun and moon.

As you can see the shield tells a visual story of the Order and the school, so our challenge was to simply redefine it, incorporating the school name to create a distinct unit that was easy to use for all marketing materials, clothing and livery. Yellow and blue were also key to the identity as they had become a very recognisable feature of the school.

In addition to the main logo, we created affiliated logos for the Friends Association and Alumni to maintain a constant style across all sections of the school.

Finally the brand guidelines were constructed ready for action!