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Reed Brand Services:

  • School Brand Identity: School Branding System
  • Print: Prospectus, Channing girls enjoy Success, photography, copywriting
  • Digital: Refreshed website, rewriting all new copy for website
  • Research: Non joiners, exisitng parents etc.
  • Advertising: Open event advertising for display and press, recruitment ad design and templates, vehicle livery

Channing is a girls’ day school in North London where we acted as an interim marketing department in 2014.

During this time we conducted research, wrote the marketing strategy for the school and created a new suite of marketing literature including a prospectus, information booklet and a new addition- Channing girls enjoy success. This was a booklet of alumnae profiles, featuring the best stories from their time at the school and guidance for girls starting their careers. It has been hugely successful with students in school and as a marketing tool for Sixth Form

We also completely refreshed the website with over 60 new pages of original copy and new styling while keeping within the original CMS.

We wrote the brief, set the recruitment tasks and helped make the selection for the new marketing director who was appointed in January.

I really enjoyed working with you, Katie and Nicola, and am very grateful for all the work you did in setting us on the pathway to great improvements in our “brand”. Mrs Barbara Elliott. Headmistress.