Marketing Week Live and The Insight Show

Posted by on Mar 19, 2017 in Blog, Events

A visit to Marketing Week Live and The Insight Show at Olympia is always something we look forward to and this year’s event certainly lived up to expectations.

There are hundreds of exhibitors to talk to and an impressive range of talks and discussions to attend in the seven theatres on site.

The reason we visit this show is to learn about new research techniques and methods and to find out what is new and exciting in the world of marketing. Here at Reed, we pride ourselves on introducing innovative ideas and best practice from the world outside education to refresh and improve schools’ brand communication and marketing.

I had an interesting chat with G3 Translate

Based in New York they had come over especially for the show. Their business is foreign language translation, assisting companies to expand into international markets. We talked at length about the importance of culturally appropriate translation and how this is relevant to our work in schools’ marketing.

I also enjoyed chatting to Buffalo 7

They are a specialist presentation agency who can turn an ordinary PowerPoint presentation into something very special. The examples they showed me looked more like videos than a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint and were very inspiring.

However, it is the talks and panel discussions that are the highlight of the event for me. I was mesmerised by Ed Couchman from Facebook who talked about the move away from text to visual based communications. He packed an enormous amount of information into his 40 minute presentation. These are the points that really resonated with me and the work we do:

  • There has been a macro shift away from desktop to a mobile world, so everything must be accessible on mobile
  • It takes only 14 milliseconds for a human to identify an image which means we digest images much faster than text
  • Facebook is starting to replace TV. I learnt that the Lotto Draw no longer takes place on prime-time TV on a Saturday evening, but on Facebook Live
  • The big question for marketers is how to capture attention in a world where attention is hard to capture?

The next presentation I attended had particular resonance for schools: How brands are growing their business by living their values.

These days, it is value driven, purposeful brands that engage most successfully with consumers and it seems to me that there are no better value driven brands than independent schools. The brands that do this successfully (Café Direct, Lily’s Kitchen Pet Food and Dove were cited) tell their stories convincingly, behave in a way the consumer would behave and take time with their customers. Does this sound familiar? It is what independent schools do already and many of them do it very well. It is the Millenial Generation that is driving the need for purposeful brands. Millenials are aged between 18-34 so are likely to be parents of younger children in your school and will become parents in the near future, so their views are relevant.

I learnt about B Corporation too. This was a new one for me: an organisation that promotes businesses who are a force for good

Surely this is relevant to schools too? Looking at the website I was surprised to find very few schools among the members. This one in Paris is interesting

I left the show determined to spread the word about B Corporation.