Marketing your Sixth Form

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Blog, Events


Over the past year, a number of schools have asked us about marketing their Sixth Forms and how best to communicate their offer. As a result we started a research project among pupils in Years 12 and 13 (Generation Z) and their parents to find out their views on this important topic.


We wanted to know what was influencing GenZ and the role that marketing and communications played in their decision making process for Sixth Form.

What we discovered is invaluable to schools who are seeking to market their Sixth Form offering in the most compelling and contemporary way.

We investigated which social media platforms students and their parents currently use and how these might be used appropriately for marketing. It will come as no surprise that YouTube was a firm favourite with students, but how does this translate into the use of video in marketing a Sixth Form?

We also questioned the students and parents about the validity of having a printed prospectus in a world that is seemingly dominated by digital media.

Their views on Sixth Form Open Events were also enlightening: what format and content did they find the most relevant and compelling?

On Monday 9th May we will present the findings of our year-long research project at the AMDIS Conference.
Don’t miss our Workshop Session at 2.20pm if you want to benefit from the deep cultural insights we have unearthed in the course of this project.
They will inspire you to create authentic, ground-breaking and effective marketing solutions for your Sixth Form.
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