Marketing your Sixth Form to Gen Z

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We have been overwhelmed by the interest shown in our research on Generation Z and how to market your Sixth Form, so big thanks to everyone congratulating us on our fresh and future thinking for schools.

Here is a summarised version of our report so far. The project is on going and if you’d like to take part by having us conduct a focus groups at your school or an interview with a member of staff as an expert opinion former, please contact us: It would be lovely to hear from you.

Alternatively, if you’d like our expert help when preparing a marketing strategy for your Sixth Form, we’d be pleased to talk to you about this.

Gen Z are the Post-Millenial generation born between 1995-2005
• Raised in a world of instability: socially-conscious, politically active and culturally liberal
• First Digital Natives
• Live in a post-linear, digital world
• Limitless accessible information, no longer performed in a chronological timeframe
• Seek relevance, authenticity and transparency

Key topics relating to marketing to them are:
• Post-linear, accessible, relevant information traversed anywhere, any time, via a variety of methods and devices
• Mobile accessibility
• Bite-size information (8 second filter) to draw them in
• Authenticity and transparency
• Being aware of embracing their culture and influences
• Students feel they are consumers and demand to be treated as such
• They want what will be the best preparation for the future in whatever way suits them

Priorities when marketing your Sixth Form to Gen Z
• Academic results
• Facilities
• Financial information
• Uni prep especially Oxbridge
• Intro from Head of Sixth Form
• Links to unis and advice on application
• Co-curricular
• Careers (old and new) and alumni networking to help them get there

Best channels to reach both students and their parents

• Website
• Blogs/features/PR from the Head – demonstrating their opinion and authority
• Literature
• Video/ You Tube

Summary recommendations for schools and marketing departments
• Knowledge of and empathy with current issues
• Exude accessible and relevant authority and authenticity
• Be open minded about everything!
• Demonstrate future thinking to be future-proof

Other considerations for value-added advice for students

• Using career networking sites
• Writing CVs
• Advice on financial matters
• Providing and respecting other options than just university
• Authentic videos
• Communication from student to student
• Testimonial from other students and alumni