What can school marketeers learn from the Great British Bake Off?

Have you got the right ingredients?

The new season of Bake Off has just started. I’m sure I’m not the only person looking forward to being inspired and brushing up my baking skills.

No baker planning to make a cake would dream of making a start without having all the ingredients to hand. A proficient baker will check the recipe and make sure they have all the ingredients they need.

And so it should be for school marketers. September brings the start of a new academic year and a new marketing cycle. To ensure your school’s marketing is the best it can be in the coming year, you will need all the ingredients to hand in the form of your marketing strategy.

The most effective marketing strategy will take its direction from the overall aims and strategy of the school itself so it is crucial that school marketers have direct communication with SLT and Governors.

The marketing strategy will provide the framework for all the marketing decisions that need to be made in the coming academic year.

An effective school marketing strategy should add insight to and provide the answers to the following questions:

Who are we?

What is our brand proposition?

  • Our vision
  • Our mission
  • Reasons to believe this

Are we clear on the key features of the market we compete in?

How are we viewed?

  • by current families
  • by prospective families
  • by feeder schools
  • next stage schools, etc.

Where do the families sending children to our school live?

What jobs do these parents do?

How has this changed over the last five years?

Where are the good transport routes that allow pupils easy access to our school?

Which areas are currently low on numbers coming to our school?

Who are the competitors in those areas?

Are we clear about the future challenges we face?

  • Internal
  • Competitor changes
  • PEST/Global issues

What are our marketing objectives?

What is the optimum number we would like to have on our school roll?

What type of pupils do we currently attract?

Would we like to change this?

If you have the answers and data relating to these questions, you are in possession of the ingredients you need to write a robust marketing strategy.

And remember… in this increasingly competitive market, independent schools need to find that special feature, that unique attribute that sets your school apart from the competition.

What is the icing on your cake?

If you’d like help ensuring you’ve got the best ingredients and the right recipe for success then please get in touch.