We like being a small company. It means that we can ensure that you will always work with one of the principals and we can build a meaningful relationship with you and understand your goals and circumstances. Then we can offer you astute, unique, and inspirational solutions.

We are not experts at everything but we are good at finding people who are. If we can’t help you personally we will select another supplier to work with us who can.

We believe in face to face communication, especially when we are just starting to work together. Even if you simply buy a research module from us we will ensure we have a personal briefing session with you and your team to make sure we really understand the issues surrounding the reasons for the research and your objectives for using the insights.

This will enable us to ask all the right questions and know when to take the conversation with our respondents further to glean the information that will make a real difference to you.

We maintain that the key to marketing success is a consistency of strategy and message across all marketing channels. This means taking the long term, unified view but also having the flexibility to adapt to immediate challenges and opportunities in the most expedient ways. If we see an opportunity for your brand we will always be pro-active in suggesting you act upon it.

Our fees are industry standard for the level of service we deliver and we always aim to provide the best possible value from your investment in us.

We believe in transparency on both sides.