We have experience of working both in-school and agency-side and this gives us valuable insight into the culture and particular challenges that schools face.

Carolyn Reed – Insight, Strategy and Creative

I’m an incisive and intuitive brand strategist, creative director and designer with a background in FMCG and retail/service brands. In our previous life Reed worked with a wide range of clients from J&B, Dulux, English Provender and supermarket brands Sainsbury’s and Tesco, the V&A, through to Virgin Atlantic.

Researching schools for our children to go to was my ‘light bulb’ moment. I discovered an enduring passion for this wonderful sector and switched the company focus from retail to schools, which was an education in itself!

As a designer, I’m always looking for the most new creative and inspirational way to tell each school’s story. Digital and Social media has opened up a whole new world in the way that we can do this, along with all the traditional channels.

The opportunities are huge and at last we have the tools to measure and track the effectiveness of our work.

I’m a member of D&AD, Amdis and IDPE. I enjoy speaking at conferences and helping as a team member for the Independent Schools awards with Funding for Independent Schools.

As much as I love schools though, I can’t quite let go of retail. A weekend isn’t a weekend unless I’ve had a good shopping therapy session.

Justin Webster – Technical, Production and Finance

I’m an experienced Technical and Production Director ensuring creative communications concepts are interpreted and implemented on time, on budget and to the highest quality levels online and offline. And if you have any queries on accounts that’s another area of responsibility too.

An Apple devotee of over 20 years, I am an early adopter of everything new that they launch. I advocate Adobe Creative Suite products and in particular, Illustrator and InDesign for many design tasks and enjoy training clients in this program. We’re Quark users too if that suits your requirements. I’m always looking out for interesting new software products and recently been exploring Evernote, WordPress and trying to keep abreast of all the emerging social media apps and tools. Currently we are undertaking a ‘cloud storage’ project which has involved shifting all our locally stored data over to Dropbox. This is in conjunction with a switch of accounting systems to Xero and WorflowMax. All exciting stuff and we are constantly being kept on our toes with new software tools and apps to learn!

Outside of work I love live music and theatre. Currently in production rehearsing a stage adaptation of Hi-de-Hi! and busy playing drums in a couple of bands performing locally, mostly charity based gigs.  ‘Crossroads’ is an 8 piece outfit, playing pop, funk, soul, r&b and even a smattering of disco!

Katie Cardona – Research, Insight and strategy

I joined Reed 6 years ago from my role as Marketing Governor at Woldingham School, which I held for 6 years. I was responsible for commissioning Reed Brand Communication to produce a School Brand Audit there.

If you’ve met me already, you’ll know how much I enjoy talking to people, and conversations form a large part of our qualitative research services. My role is to facilitate projects and engage respondents to glean the key insights that make all the difference for successful commercial strategy. Working exclusively with schools all the time we are able to benchmark all insights against our ever-increasing knowledge bank.

Like Carolyn, my passion is to find new, exciting and sustainable channels for Marketing and Enterprise. Social and digital is just one of these and we are excited to be leading the way in this for schools. I’m a member of MRS, RSA and also enjoy speaking at conferences.

Away from work and in addition to caring for my family and other animals, I am passionate about my bees www.bbka.org.uk. We all have so much to learn from these super-intelligent creatures.

Nicola Berry – Social Media Platforms Consultant and Blogger

Nicola_Biog_Pic 200px

I am an experienced Marketing and Communications consultant and have worked in the Independent Schools sector for over 10 years. My first role was as Marketing Director at Colfe’s (a co-educational day school in SE London); more recently I was Head of Marketing at Tonbridge, the boys’ public day and boarding school in Kent.

There’s little I don’t know about working in a marketing role in a school. It can be highly rewarding but it can also be challenging – not everyone understands the importance of our job and teachers often have so much else on their plate that our requests for information can sometimes go to the bottom of their pile! What I do know is that successful marketing and communication plays a vital role in a school’s success and that websites and digital media are presenting us with all sorts of new opportunities. Facebook, blogs, Twitter, You Tube and Pinterest are all exciting channels of communication. As more and more magazines and newspapers go digital, it’s imperative that schools embrace this new media and my mission is to help them do this with as little fear as possible!

My perfect weekend would be pottering around an historic country home; alternatively, if I’m in one of my domestic phases, you will find me baking cupcakes or repainting the dining room walls (yet again – I still haven’t found the perfect colour!).

Jeff Hynam M PHIL, B ED (HONS), ACP

Jeff_H_biog_pic photo Sq edit 400pxJeff qualified as a teacher in 1974, and was Head of the Department of Economics and Business Studies at a West Midlands comprehensive from 1974 to 1978. He then moved into a career in outdoor education. He was Assistant Warden of ILEA’s Field Studies Centre in Surrey from 1978 to 1980, co-ordinator of outdoor education at a boys’ residential community home in Kent from 1980 to 1983, peripatetic teacher of outdoor education in Cumbria from 1983 to 1985 and Headteacher of Berkshire’s outdoor education centre in Snowdonia from 1985 to 1993. In 1993 came another change of direction with his appointment as Bursar and Clerk to the Governing Body of Desborough School, Maidenhead, one of the first of the Grant Maintained schools. In 1998 Jeff was appointed Bursar and Secretary to the Council of Roedean and in 2004 Bursar and Secretary to the Governing Body of Winchester College. Jeff is a governor of the Pilgrims’ School in Winchester.