Our complete marketing, branding and design service is designed for the education sector

So how do Reed Brand work with schools? Coming from a background in FMCG, retail and corporate brands, Reed Brand Communication has brought their expertise to the education sector and now cherry-pick  the best marketing communication techniques from the forefront of the business world, tailoring them for schools. We help schools understand their target market, their strengths and weaknesses and find ways to correct any disconnect between their desired positioning in the marketplace and the reality. They don’t always align!

Using the latest research techniques and technologies we will ensure you understand your school’s brand personality and then formulate a strategy to broadcast this to your potential market. From propsectuses, to uniform, signage to livery we will create a unique identity for your school and give you the tools to implement this across all media, efficiently and effectively using our School Branding System, SBS, containing all the guidelines for your brand you might need to use in-house. In short we will provide you with the complete solution from research through strategy to identity creation and implementation.

Our end-to-end method is a mixture of classic marketing principles, empowered by leading edge thinking. It is logical and sequential: Research and Insight informs Strategy and Planning, which in turn directs Brand Communication.

Strategy and Planning for education by Reed BC

Ideally that’s one sequential process, although we understand if you want to dip in and out, one project at a time.

As a result of this process, we will know your school and the market in which it resides inside and out.

This is the most effective way for us to help you successfully communicate your brand through all channels, on all platforms.

School branding process